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Listen To Your Body

What if your body could give you every single answer?

It has all the answers. You just need to become aware of the signs.

Your body is smarter than you are. It knows what it needs.

This is not only important when it comes to things that are ‘bad’ for you in a more obvious way (like sugar), but also when it comes to seemingly healthy choices.

The media is full of the latest health musts and trends. Sometimes what’s good for everyone else might not necessarily be good for you.

Here’s an example: Cauliflower is all the rage and has really helped some people live a healthier life by substituting carbs (that might affect their blood sugar or weight) with cauliflower. For me, however, it doesn’t work at all. My body does not respond well to cauliflower. And that’s okay – there’s plenty of other healthy alternatives. But I had to listen to my body instead of blindly following the latest health trend.

Put your focus on really listening to what your body needs for the next week…

If you feel tired, rest.

If you feel hungry, eat something nourishing.

If you feel overwhelmed, meditate or nurture your inner child with a relaxing activity like a movie or a good book.

If you crave something sweet, add more naturally sweet veggies to your meals.

If you crave fatty foods, add some good fats to your meals.

If you are thirsty, drink more water.

It’s actually so simple.

Simply start listening.


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