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Is Your Smoothie Digestion Friendly?

Even though smoothies are a great go-to for a quick, nutritious breakfast or snack, they can sometimes be a bit hard on your digestive system.

‘How is that possible’? you might ask, since it’s all mushy and soft.

BUT most smoothies are loaded with fruit and ice, which are not always the easiest for our bodies to digest.

Fruit on their own digest relatively quickly, but mixed with other foods it takes a bit longer. I’ll do a post on food combining to optimise digestion soon.

What’s the issue with ice?

According to Robyn Youkilis, health coach and author of ‘Go with your Gut’, “our bodies and our bellies are warm, and they really love warm foods, especially first thing in the morning… think of the digestive system like a fireplace – you want to keep that fire (your metabolism!) burning steady and strong throughout the day. When you drink an icy cold smoothie first thing in the morning, you run the risk of putting out that fire.”

That being said, there are a few ways you can upgrade any smoothie to make it more digestion friendly.

Here are some tips from Robyn Youkilis:

1. ADD STEAMED VEG instead of fruit. Cauliflower, zucchini and sweet potato work well and you won’t taste them. In fact, they make it rich and creamy. If you freeze your steamed veg before using, you also don’t need to add extra ice. And the frozen veg will warm up a bit in blender. Much better for your system than ice.

2. ADD FRESH GINGER. It raises the thermogenic properties of your body and helps you digestive ‘fire’ to stay active. It literally warms you from the inside out.

3. CHEW IT. Instead of downing your smoothie, create a smoothie bowl and eat it with a spoon. The saliva in your mouth contains enzymes, which need a moment with your food. Giving your smoothie a moment in the mouth with these enzymes can help your body digest it better.

I’ve also found that running your blender longer will also warm up your smoothie a bit more.

Easy as that!


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