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Slow vs Fear

I love sharing Seth Godin’s words of wisdom since he gets it sooo right!

My sourdough rye bread failed. For the first time since I've been baking from this starter, this weekend's batch didn't work. I know why. I rushed it. I didn't let the dough ferment long enough. And then I made the oven hotter, in an effort to get the loaves finished so I could leave to meet someone. That's not how great bread works. It's ready when it's ready, not when you need it to be. Of course, the analogy is obvious. Much of the work we do as creators, as leaders, as people seeking to make change--it needs to ferment, to create character and tension and impact. And if we rush it, we get nothing worth very much. There's a flipside. Sometimes, we mistakenly believe that we're building something that takes time, but what we're actually doing is hiding. We stall and digress and cause distractions, not because the work needs us to, but because we're afraid to ship. Impatience can be a virtue if it causes us to leap through the fear that holds us back.

This quote I can particularly relate to. It’s challenging for me to find the right pace at work and in life. I either overdo it at 100 mph because I’m impatient and I want instant results. Or I get stuck and hide because of fear, or as result of burning out from all the overdoing.

It’s been a journey to try find the balance between the two sides of the pendulum and I still work on it daily. I think the trick is to get better at spotting when fear is a driver. The fear that either makes us rush something when we shouldn’t because “what if I miss out”. And the fear that makes us freeze and hide because “what if I’m not good enough. The fear makes that we can’t see a situation for what it really is.


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